Ceann Creige hails Hurling Into Schools project


CEANN Creige’s Hurling Into Schools project has been one of the most exciting GAA projects in Scotland for many years, and given the great strides the club has taken in bringing hurling and camogie to more and more children of Glasgow the coronavirus lockdown has provided a rare break in their efforts.

With club activities ceased, the frustration in being unable to work with the young people they serve (above) has, however, allowed them to review the great work undertaken so far and to plan for their future as a club.

Reflecting on their journey so far in sharing the sport with young people in the city, the club outlined for The Irish Voice the extent of the project.

“In 2019 the club secured funding from the National Lottery to deliver after-schools clubs in local schools in the East End of Glasgow.” Ceann Creige said. “Starting in 2020 the club delivered tasters sessions in feeder schools and delivered six weekly after-school clubs in schools, with a big tournament planned for all the participants at the end of March. Sadly this was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The club had also planned to introduce eight after-school clubs in East End of Glasgow schools after Easter holidays. Of course, the club is disappointed this has been unable to go ahead at present but we will be making lots of exciting plans for when we can return.

“Highlights of the project include introducing the Irish sport of Hurling and Camogie to over 2000 pupils and getting over 100 children active on a weekly basis through our active-school clubs. In addition organising tournaments helps us to showcase their success.”

With a short history since their foundation, Ceann Creige can nevertheless boast of a terrific impact on the children they have worked with—and indeed on all club members of many ages and abilities. Such work has been possible because of the partnerships Ceann Creige has forged with a variety of supportive organisations and individuals, and the club were quick to thank them for the role they have played in the journey.

“The club would like to thank the National Lottery and Community Planning Partnership (North East, Baillieston and East Centre Wards) for their funding to enable this project,” they said. “We would also like to thank our active-school coordinators Julie, Matt and Fraser for their ongoing support to ensure this project was delivered in our local schools. The club is very grateful for all partnerships we build. The continued support from Liam Baird at Glasgow Life is invaluable to enable us to develop at the speed we have in only a year since our inception.

“To date we don’t know when we can return but we are still hopeful at this stage we can run our first Cul Camp, so please keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates!”

Details about the club can be found on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CeannCreige and Twitter: @ceanncreige. Plus check out the club’s brand new website at: www.ceanncreige.ueniweb.com