Glasgow Gaels have their sights set on good health

AS THE inevitable news arrived in late March that Scotland was to go in to lockdown, thoughts automatically turned to those at the forefront of the battle with coronavirus.

In line with GAA guidance, Glasgow Gaels’ activity had halted as of earlier that month, which meant that—as with many GAA clubs across the world—the Gaels were faced with a hurdle. However, it is one that they are overcoming thanks to the ingenuity, generosity and community nature of the club.

Gaels have a high number of members working at the front line of this battle and their efforts and sacrifices have not went unnoticed. For the club, this is the most important match to be played this year and they are confident that they will come out on the winning side.
The club has highlighted the need for self care and the importance of keeping both the mind and body active through this time and so has reached out to its members and wider public through the use of its evolving social media platforms. Teams have been keeping in touch via various platforms and the sense of community hasn’t dissipated.
With the coronavirus having created an atmosphere of uncertainty, thinking outside the box has become extremely important. The Gaels are currently introducing a Quarantine Quiz every Saturday night at 7pm—starting on April 25.

Although currently not active on the pitch, Gaels are always welcoming of new members to join the club, especially at this time, where a close knit community is of utmost importance. Please contact the Glasgow Gaels via Facebook, Instagram or twitter for further information.