Harps are making great strides in Hurling and Camogie


Best known around their home city of Glasgow for their achievements in Gaelic football, Tír Conaill Harps’ reputation in the small ball game is continuing to grow now as well.

In hurling and camogie the club are making great gains, particularly at underage level—where their work in schools in the city is introducing a generation of young Glaswegians to the sport.

With the east end of Glasgow in particular proving fertile ground as the seeds of underage hurling are sown, Harps have set their sights beyond individual schools and recently at a specially arranged hurling event pupils from Our Lady of Peace, Sandaig and Altmore primary schools joined forces to work on their hurling skills.

Speaking of the schools event, and looking ahead to further partnerships with other schools, Tír Conaíll Harps PRO Grace McBride said: “This [event] gave children the opportunity to mix with children from other schools while at the same time having fun and trying out a new sport, and we are hoping now to get more new members at training.

“As part of our new partnership with St Francis of Assisi Primary school, Baillieston, we have been invited into the school to week to promote hurling, and this new partnership will be developed in the months ahead.”

Among the adults at Harps the good work continues too, and the club’s camogie side (above) made the journey down to Birmingham to taste some competitive action in a blitz tournament.

With limited opportunities for games in Scotland, the visit south of the border presented a valuable chance for the Tír Conaill ladies to put their skills to the test against some well-drilled opponents.

“Our camogie team travelled down to Birmingham recently to compete in Erin Go Bragh’s annual women’s festival,” the club explained. “As always this was a great weekend with the team getting the opportunity to play lots of camogie, with games against Fullen Gaels, Thomas McCurtains, Erin Go Bragh, Tara and Fr Murphy’s.

“As the day went on the team improved, which showed the team that we need to get more matches. The team are willing to travel and would be delighted if any camogie team would come up to Glasgow to play a match. We saw some great play from all the team, so if anyone wants to join them give it a go please get in touch with us.”