Harps man’s update on a unique year


Paul Doogan

WITH Tír Conaill Harps finally getting back to training (updates will be posted on social media about when underage training will be back), stand out player from last year Muiris Bartley joins us to give us an update on what has become a unique year.

How has it been to be back training with the new restrictions?
I have to be honest I find it very strange not being able to get around the lads when things are going well. I like to try to keep morale high, but nothing beats the physical pat on the back that often times speaks volumes more that verbal motivation. However it is great to finally get out and about with your mates and get a kick about. We are all aware of the dangers of this virus so the small things mean so much even if sessions are played at a distance.”

What are your early impressions of the new manager?
I’m beyond impressed with Dave, and this is only week two. He already has got his plans set in stone. I believe that he is the right man to carry on from where Diver left off. I believe he has the capacity to demand more of us without over doing our workload. Since I’ve been involved with the club last year, everything the club has done has been handled with the utmost professionalism, and Dave certainly has taken the torch from Diver and will continue to lead the way and we will happily follow.

Finally how did you find it trying to keep your fitness levels going during lockdown?
During lockdown I’m sure everyone had to try overcome the same hurdles. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same ‘Groundhog Day’ type of system, but we, as a team and a club, took it upon ourselves to maintain some sort of independent individual body maintenance, be it running, walking, cycling or HIIT sessions at home. Since going through the return to play protocol, it’s evident that everyone, to a man, achieved any fitness goals they had set out and we have hit the ground running. Naturally we had challenges, but we knew the precedent we had set ourselves so we all kept each other’s motivation high and supported each other when we needed to. We are looking forward to the season getting underway in any capacity and resuming where we left off last year.

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Paul Doogan is the Public Relations Officer for Tír Conail Harps