Ireland’s artisans have a new online presence


WHILE Covid-19 has affected the livelihoods of many of Ireland’s artisans, a new, unique and bespoke service for crafters and designers who produce exquisite handcrafted goods is aiming to redress the balance.

A website (above) has been set up——to allow the crafters to sell their products to the UK, the US and Europe, which they hope will allow those who wish to buy a beautifully designed handmade in Ireland product.

Crafters of Ireland was founded by Bernadette Clancy, who worked for many years, designing, and delivering workshops for business development. It was through her mentoring sessions and business advisory clinics that she met a multitude of crafters, artists and designers who made one-of-a-kind, bespoke items. However, these Irish based micro businesses sometimes struggled with visibility, sales, and growth.

Prior to the set-up of the website, online options open to the crafters until that point were to join Etsy, Market Place or many others. Now the artisans are provided with a greater opportunity to sell and make a living through their products. The website is centred on the crafters and aims to provide a bespoke service with a genuine personal touch.

“We created a platform that is bespoke, personal, and different to what is currently on offer,” Bernadette said. “When a crafters product is placed with us, they will not be drowned out by hundreds of others in the same category. All products are made to the highest standard using high quality materials. This also enables the customer an opportunity to view and buy some of the best handmade Irish goods, created by award winning crafters who are dedicated to producing bespoke, exquisite products.

Crafters of Ireland’s online marketplace is populated exclusively by crafters, artists and designers based in Ireland. Its team of experts provide a new service for each crafter too which includes business advice on a pro-bono basis should they require it, specific to the need of the individual crafter. Its vision is to accelerate their visibility and growth both nationally and internationally.

“There is nothing in the world quite like Ireland’s most talented crafters who are inspired to create,” Bernadette added. “We carefully selected some of the best crafters we could find in Ireland. We sell beautifully designed, handmade, award- winning products such as crystal produced by a master craftsman, formerly of Waterford Crystal who has worked for the last 44 years as a master cutter and engraver, exquisite handmade chocolates, luxurious skincare, soaps and grooming products made from pure, natural ingredients, bespoke gift boxes, mythical fairy houses, unique apparel, authentic weavers and quilters, one of a kind Celtic greeting cards and much more.

“Our crafters want you to have the highest standard of handmade products Ireland has to offer and pride themselves on designing their goods that guarantee you great value and choice that appeals to all tastes, for all occasions, including custom designing items for you. Watch out for promotions and giveaways too and please check us out on social media and visit our website.” 

Visit the website to see some of the hand-crafted work for sale: http:// and like them on Facebook: