Irish dancers unite for video showcase during lockdown


MORE than 130 Irish dancers from across Scotland joined forces recently to collaborate in a dance off video as they wait the return of classes and competitions.

Scotland’s Irish dancers have waited five months to return to competitions as restrictions are due to hopefully lift in September.  In the meantime they took to their garages, kitchens, and outdoor space to celebrate Irish dancing and instead of competing with one another they joined to make a video which has now been watched by more than 25,000 viewers.

“We decided to bring everyone together to celebrate dancing and to keep moving literally while the dance schools are shut,” dance teacher and adjudicator, David Smith, said. “I contacted world renowned Irish Dancer and five-time World Champion, David Geaney from Dingle in Kerry, and asked him if he would be interested in running an online collaboration challenge. Dancers submitted a short video of their own choreography which was uploaded to social media and then reviewed by David. David was originally meant to select five winning dancers, but he decided that the talent was so fantastic that he invited everyone who entered to appear on his collaboration video.

“We’re delighted by the reaction we’ve had to the video and the enthusiasm of the dancers while they continue to practise at home.  These dancers are used to training week-in and week-out for competitions all across the country. When the lockdown restrictions were implemented, these dancers and their teachers adapted their way of learning and commenced online classes. Living rooms and spare rooms were turned into home dance studios in order for these dancers to maintain these intensive training schedule.

“During lockdown it’s been hard for dance teachers and their pupils, but we know it’s not forever and we hope our video can lift everyone’s spirits and encourage dancers to keep dancing.”

To see the video and the talented dancers for yourself, visit: