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A NEW website aimed at supporting Irish self-published authors to sell their books, share ideas and experiences has recently launched

The website——is the brainchild of writer, Rachel Drury, who set up the marketplace to buy from and support Irish authors who have not been able to get a publishing deal and to create opportunities for their books to be sold in Ireland and further afield. At a time when many Irish people cannot make the journey home, it is hoped that the website can help connect them with a piece of Ireland through the listed books and writings.

The benefits of coming on board to are listed as: bringing self-published authors together to one online marketplace to sell their books; giving responsibility to each author for the shipping and fulfilment of their orders; getting enhanced media and social media coverage by using one platform; establishing connections to independent book shops for buying self-published books; and offering a low-cost solution to authors for marketing and selling self-published books.

“I self-published my first book in December 2020, Powered to Fall, Empowered to Rise, and used Amazon to sell the e-book and paperback version,” Rachel explained. “After encountering some issues in selling the paperback version, my book went out of stock on Amazon and remained that way despite several attempts to resolve the issue.

“This minor obstacle in the self-publishing process presented me with an opportunity to set up my own marketplace——so that I could sell paperback copies directly to my readers and offer them an option for a signed copy. In taking things into my own hands and creating my own independent marketplace, I was no longer relying on Amazon to have my book available in paperback.

“Since setting up this marketplace, I realised that I could use it to help other authors who are also looking to sell their paperback books directly to their readers. I came to realise that other self-published authors might also encounter the same issues I had. In joining the marketplace, authors can avoid setting up individual websites, and instead come together and become a self-published seller’s marketplace and community.”

Shortly after setting up the marketplace, Rachel was watching RTÉ news who were reporting on a lady, Brigid Kavanagh, who had just published her first book at 95 years of age. Rachel then contacted her son Declan, to see if she could help him sell her book through

“Declan had been selling in local shops and on Facebook and dealing individually with orders and payments,” Rachel said. “He agreed to come on board and he now receives the book orders directly by e-mail and the payment goes straight into his bank account.

“The working relationship with Declan has become much bigger than just selling books. We speak on a regular basis, support each other through our self-publishing and self-promoting journey and we are both extremely passionate to spread the word about our books. In coming together, we can exchange information and share our contacts in local bookshops, compare stamp prices and even where to buy envelopes! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Declan and to see Brigid’s book sell into the USA from the website. This has felt like a huge milestone for both of us.

“Even though I have never meet Declan or Brigid, I feel that we have connected and formed our own small community in the big book selling world. We can celebrate our own personal achievements and in coming together we combine our publicity and publishing efforts. I am passionate about bringing other self-published Irish authors on board to come on this journey with us.”

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