Causeway turns its focus to young professionals


CAUSEWAY: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange will turn its focus to young professionals as it hosts a free and online virtual event putting the spotlight on start-ups and entrepreneurs.

With a large growth in younger members of the exchange of the last year, members can now expect regular events exploring opportunities for start-ups and offering support and guidance for the entrepreneurs beginning their career journeys.

Hosted by Megan Harkins and Saoirse Stankard, the online event will feature speakers such as Jane McCulloch, Ireland’s Consul General to Scotland, Lorraine Bowen Head of Innovation and Impact Entrepreneurs Academy, Ireland, Gregor Hofer, the CEO and co-founder of Rapport, Seany McCleary founder of Streat School (above), and Veronica Ferguson from Edinburgh Innovations at the University of Edinburgh.

Through the Causeway Young Professional Committee they will share their insights and experiences with young professionals across the exchange, and help integrate them into the wider Causeway network where they can access new opportunities and connections.

“The number of young professionals joining the Causeway network has grown significantly in the last year, and through our Young Professionals’ Committee, Causeway is delighted to be hosting a range of events this year that will not only support young professionals from both sides of the Irish Sea with their career development and ambitions, but will also facilitate opportunities to connect young professionals with more experienced business leaders and partners in our network,” Ms Stankard said.

“Our Causeway Young Professionals’ Committee is excited to be hosting this event for new and experienced professionals to hear insights and experiences from our panel of entrepreneurial speakers, sharing their career journeys and advice on establishing and nurturing enterprises in both Ireland and Scotland.”

With the support of Consul Jane McCulloch, it is hoped that members will be able to understand the opportunities for exchange across the Irish Sea and throughout the network, and she spoke of the inspirational nature of the Young Professionals Committee as they seek to build on there work both in Scotland and Ireland.

“The young professionals joining Causeway over the past year have brought new approaches and thinking to benefit the wider network,” she said. “I continue to be inspired by their work, and by the energy and creativity of the Young Professionals’ Committee in sharing that expertise and experience with a growing collective in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

Both members and non-members are welcome to attend the online events, which takes place on February 25, by booking their place online through