Harps ladies play first competitive match


TÍR CONAILL Harps saw their ladies take to the field for full competitive action for the first time.

Facing Dunedin Connollys in Edinburgh it was a baptism of fire for the Harps girls (above), going up against one of the leading ladies teams on this side of the Irish Sea, but despite the towering odds stacked against them they showed a dedication and enthusiasm for the game which was occasionally rewarded.

Having been formed amidst the Covid-19 restrictions, the mere fact that Harps could feed for a competitive match was a triumph in itself, but the work still to be done will inspire the club to continue its efforts in this area after a well-drilled Connollys made life almost unbearable on the day.

Struggling to work the ball into the opposing side’s half at times, Harps learned a hard lesson about the standards of ladies Gaelic football in Scotland, but in the thick of battle they stuck well to their task and showed many qualities as they blocked and harried the Connollys players.

Despite the onslaught from Connollys, Tír Conaill stuck at it through the match and were able to finish on a high note with a good score near the end of the match—which also showed their fitness and ability to last the pace.

“Tír Conaill Harps can be pound of their fighting spirit and performance on display today,” the club said after the match. “Even after the final whistle the girls where not downbeat and despondent, but instead where already talking about their next training session and what they had to work on.

“They know that this is an incredible journey they are on and this is only the start of it. They have focus, they have goals and they have ambitions. For them that’s exciting, for everyone else that’s dangerous.”