New Malones Whiskey hits all the right notes


FAMILY, friendship and community—the hallmarks of the Malones brand—are at the heart of a recently launched whiskey.

At an evening of whiskey-tasting and entertainment in Malones in Edinburgh, Malones Triple Cask Whiskey was released to an appreciative market.

When much of the food and drinks industry had ground to a halt during Lockdown Simon Keane and the team at Malones were hard at work alongside Pearse Lyons Distillery developing the whiskey.

With generations of experience as publicans in Ireland where they are highly regarded as ‘providers and pourers of drinks’ the family collaborated with Pearse Lyons, Dublin’s only wholly independent, family-owned distillery.

Despite having rejected all previous requests, Pearse Lyons embraced the opportunity to work with Malones resulting in the selection of a smooth, complex whiskey which can be enjoyed neat, in a cocktail or in Irish coffee, and savoured alone or accompanied by a variety of food pairings.

Conor Ryan, Pearse Lyons’ Distilling Operations Manager spoke of the ‘incredible revolution in Irish whiskey going on at the moment’ and his pride in producing the ‘genuinely different whiskey with a new DNA and with a new whiskey bloodline.’

For the connoisseur or enquiring palate Malones is a ‘luxurious whiskey on the palate with a delicious warming, kind of gingery clove spice notes for lots of lovely dried fruits and fantastically versatile whiskey for sipping or mixing with food.’

Both Malones and Pearse Lyon share a commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. Spent grain from the whiskey production is sent to local farms to be re-used as animal feed.

“This is very much a passion project. We’ve created a whiskey for everyone to enjoy enjoying neat or mixed. The driving ethos comes from being publicans and facilitating friendship and community,” Rory Cowan, Malones’ Marketing Manager, said.