Take the Decision to see Siamsoir’s Irish dancers


AS THE Irish Voice was going to press, Edinburgh-based award-winning Siamsoir Irish dancers were preparing to return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their fifth original show—an Irish dance play entitled Decision.

The play centres on two very different sisters who have a devastating decision to make which will test their relationship and change their lives. Told through rousing Irish dance with original music from TV and film composer Chris Tolley, this haunting and heart-warming story aims to explores human nature when faced with loss.
The performances, which are 50 minutes long, will take place from August 5 to 27 (excluding August 14 and 21) at the Greenside Nicolson Square at 7.40pm.

With less than a week to go before the show, Jennifer Hogan Roxburgh, Company Director of Irish Dance Village and Siamsoir dancer spoke of her excitement at performing the play in front of festival audiences.

“One week to go! Do you remember cramming for exams and thinking you’ll never be ready? That’s exactly how this feels,” Jennifer said. “The pressure, nerves, excitement and long to do lists that are being continuously added to and don’t ever seem to get shorter.

“Am I worried? For those of you who know me well will be amazed to hear that the answer is a hearty ‘no.’ I am not worried at all. I am enjoying the preparation of this show more than any other production I have ever been involved in. I am too excited to share this absolute passion project to have not enjoyed the sometimes stressful creation.

“It’s a huge disembarkation from any work I’ve ever created before. It deals with some really tough subjects that I know most people viewing the show will have mixed feelings about. It will be close to home for some and upsetting for most.

“As I approach 40 I’ve inevitably lived through some pretty big life events. This last year having the courage to really work through them has let me realise that I’m finally able to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. The more life affirming activities and challenges that I can take on, the more I can make up for the years when I wasn’t able to be who I wanted to be. This play is a result of the last ten years but really from way before. It’s not based on true events but certainly inspired by my experiences and the people that I have talked to whilst researching the details of this play.

“If you only see one show at the Fringe this year then please consider missing it and seeing Decision—An Irish Dance Play instead… or maybe just see them both.”